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Crystal Kayak vs. Cheap Knockoffs

The Crystal Kayak Company branded products represent the gold standard of quality in both materials and workmanship. Our Crystal Explorer  line of hybrid canoe-kayaks feature a patent-pending design which delivers great performance on the water with unparalleled visibility. Each vessel is hand-constructed using the highest quality materials and is assembled in the USA. When deciding to buy a transparent canoe or kayak, don't risk your money on a poorly-made knockoff... demand a genuine Crystal Kayak™

Beware of Cheap Crystal Kayak Knockoffs

 The Hull Material - 100% Virgin GE Brand Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets

The Hull Material - Partially Recycled Polycarbonate Resin

Rub Rails - Stainless Steel

Crystal Kayak brand products feature stainless steel rub rails


buyer beware! other manufacturers use iron which rusts

Frame Surface Treatment - Smooth. Impervious to Salt Water

Crystal Kayak High Quality Surface Treatment

Frame Surface Treatment - Rough. Flakes Off. Not Impervious.

Poor Quality Rough Surface Treatment

Hardware - Marine-Grade

Hardware - Non-Marine Grade

poor quality hardware

Parts & Accessories - In Stock Parts & Accessories - Not Offered

Customer Service - USA BASED

Customer Service - UNKNOWN


Unknown Company