Crystal Explorer Kayaks Set of 10 by The Crystal Kayak Company - $999 Crystal Explorer Kayaks Set of 10 by The Crystal Kayak Company - $999

Crystal Explorer Kayaks Set of 10 by The Crystal Kayak Company - $999 Each!


The Crystal Explorer by The Crystal Kayak Company is a totally crystal-clear canoe-kayak hybrid that lets users observe the underwater world below them! The Crystal Explorer features durable yet lightweight construction and is designed for conditions ranging from totally flat to breezy and choppy waters. It's removable frame, seats and inflatable chambers allow for easy stacking, storage and transportation.

As Seen on The Price is Right TV ShowThis package includes 20 paddles, 20 Seats and 20 Flotation Pouches w/ Zippered Nylon Covers

Featuring an advanced polymer hull and corrosion-resistant hardware, this kayak is sure to turn heads and is a favorite on the water. Our kayaks are great for hotels/resorts, water sport rental companies, vacation homes and individual enthusiasts. Purchase direct from the manufacturer at true factory-direct prices today.

Choose Basic or Deluxe Paddles

basic vs. deluxe paddles
Our basic paddles feature 2-piece painted aluminium bodies and are considered a 'deluxe' paddle by most standards. Our Deluxe paddles feature a fibreglass body and include high-performance features such as blade angle adjustment and grooves to channel water away from the user. 

Assembly typically takes 30-45 minutes on your first Crystal Kayak and then once you're familiar with the process it gets down to around 20 minutes each. Pre-assembly is not available on orders of more than 2 kayaks. You can download assembly instructions here.

11' 1" (338 cm)
33.5" (85 cm)
11" (28 cm)
48 lbs (21 kg)
Weight Capacity:
425 lbs. (193 kg)
1-2 Children or Adults
Hull Material:
6mm thick 100% virgin Spanish Imported GE™ Lexan™
UV Protection:
40 micron DOUBLE UV layer prevents yellowing

T6 6061 Anodized Aluminum


Manufacturing Details

Each computer-designed hull mould has been carefully constructed to meet Crystal Kayak standards. Trained assembly technicians place GE™ Lexan™  6mm sheets into the vacuum mould for a perfect form. Laser-guided machinery perform all hull perforation steps for the framework and attaching hardware. Quality checks are performed throughout the hull creation process which allows us to offer an industry-leading 2 Year Warranty

UV Protection

25 years ago it was discovered that clear polycarbonate material tended to yellow and fail prematurely. UV coatings were developed to combat this phenomenon. Today our engineers have perfected the UV protection process. Our proprietary UV absorption lacquer layer is 40 microns thick with a concentration level at 6%. This lacquer layer is applied to both sides of the Lexan  hulls for the ultimate level of UV protection and yellowing resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Care for Your Crystal Kayak

Keeping your Crystal Kayak looking great is easy. Just remember to always spray down your kayak after every use to remove particulates like sand and salt crystals. Avoid dragging your kayak on the ground and try to store your kayak in a shaded area if possible. Note: Scratches that occur on the outside of the hull fill with water when you use your kayak and become invisible!  

After heavy use and/or abuse, your kayak will accumulate some degree of scratching and abrasions. You can use the Crystal Kayak Hull Clarity Restoration Kit to make your hull crystal clear again!  



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