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Whitewater Kayaking

June 12, 2019

In the world of extreme kayaking, whitewater kayaking is near the top in terms of excitement. What type of river adventure are you looking for?  Read More

Grand Canyon Kayaking

March 04, 2019

River kayaking on any part of the Colorado, including the section that runs through the Grand Canyon in Arizona, is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re up for this ‘bucket list’ challenge, here are some things for you to consider. Read More

How to Plan a Kayaking Trip

February 28, 2019

J.R.R. Tolkien was right. “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations if you live near him.” Even if you’re simply planning to kayak past him, you probably want to include the dragon into your calculations. Read More
If you are an adventurist who spends most of their time on the water, you have likely encountered this dilemma during your free time and have been faced with a decision that can shape your entire day on the water - Canoe vs. Kayak. Read More
This season, think outside the gift box in order to support and give a gift full of life and meaning. These are more than gifts under the tree or tucked into a stocking as they create change, comfort and bring a balance to the impact we are causing to our earth and oceans.  Read More
The first dive you'll make into the accessory world is figuring out your kayaking outfit! Layers are important when choosing an outfit because they allow for you to change if something gets wet, or if the weather changes suddenly. Read More
Kayaking can be a wonderful way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. It is also a great sport for any beginner to learn. Like cycling, it’s relatively simple to pick up. Within a few hours, you’ll be happily paddling down the river!  Read More

Kayak Safety Lessons

November 13, 2018

Kayaking safety is always a priority before getting out on the water. Have you considered kayaking lessons as an option before seeking a new water adventure? Read More
We’ve all been there, packing for a camping trip; this is by far the most stressful packing experience. However, camping and kayaking are two of the most freeing adventures out there! Living in the wild for a few days with nothing but nature around you can be very relaxing.  Read More
There are so many beautiful kayaking locations all over the world but some of the most amazing locations are right here in Florida! Kayaking in Florida, especially in a crystal clear kayak, is such a beautiful experience; seeing wildlife under the stunningly clear water is incredible. Read More